Web Design Services

Building and launching a professional website for your brand is a huge undertaking.

Especially if you feel a little (or a lot) lost and don’t know where to start.  What’s the solution, then? A well-organized process and as much support as you need throughout the project. 

Let’s round out your brand’s online presence by creating a custom site that brings your business to life online. No more stressing about the way your website functions or how to get the look you’re trying to achieve. 

your website needs to...

Here's what the process looks like

01. understanding your goals

After booking your project, you’ll fill out a questionnaire that will help me understand your business, goals, and audience in more depth than what we covered on the discovery call.

02. the initial layout build

After I receive your website copy from you, we’ll collaborate on the initial design of your site. I’ll build out homepage layout and color palette options and send them over for your to review. (If you already have a color palette then we’ll use that!)

03. designing the rest of your site

After you’ve approved your homepage design and color palette, I’ll build out the rest of the pages. We’ll move onto the next stage of the project once you’re happy with how everything is looking.

04. revisions + refinements

If you request revisions to the site, I’ll take care of these at this stage in the process. You’ll have three rounds of revisions available during the process (I want to make sure you’re beyond excited to launch this website!)

05. website optimization

Basic SEO optimization, page speed optimization, Google Analytics setup, and all the other techy stuff you need done. I want to make sure your site works hard in your business and pulls its weight, so we can’t skip this part!

06. test, transfer + tutorials

I’ll test your site on all screen sizes and link you to WordPress walkthrough videos so that you can make edits to your site post-launch. I’ll transfer the finalized website over from my account to yours. Time to launch!

Web Design Package Options

Option 1

Get Me Online

  • Up to 6 website pages
  • One Lead Magnet Offer Design + Setup
  • 5 Branded Social Media Templates
  • One-Time SEO Optimization
  • Email Marketing Integration
  • 30 days of post-launch support


Option 2

Grow My Business

  • Everything included in “Launch My Business”
  • Up to 12 Website Pages
  • Pinterest account setup, optimization, and Pinterest marketing plan ready for action.
  • 10 Branded Social Media Templates
  • Custom content marketing plan for 6 months post-launch
  • 1 Sales funnel setup (Opt-in page, thank-you page, one-time offer page setup, sales page, and cart flow setup)



Here are a few of my favorite web design projects from the last year!


Not unless you want me to! If you need to offload your web maintenance, I’m totally here for it. Maintenance and care plans start at $35 per month to have me update your plugins and theme, fix broken links, make quick fixes if something breaks, and get access to the premium plugins I have licenses for.

If you’re not about that monthly maintenance bill life – I’ve got you, girl! You’ll get access to my client portal where you can find video tutorials on how to keep your site updated and how to make DIY changes.

Sooooooo many reasons. Site speed, functionality, customization ability, and lots more. I build on WordPress because I strongly believe that it’s the best all-around option for most businesses and bloggers.

Do I think Squarespace and ShowIt are bad? Not at all! They’re just not my platforms of choice for most people’s websites. There are instances where I might recommend one or the other, but usually my first rec is going to be WordPress.

I never recommend Wix, Weebly, or GoDaddy Website Builder.

Here’s a quick article comparing WordPress to Wix.

Right now, I invoice for 50% of the project fee upfront. The final 50% is due when we finish up the site.

A lead magnet is a digital download that you give to your website users in return for their email address and permission to add them to your email list. And I include them because I’m obsessed with them and you might end up becoming obsessed with them, too!

Lead magnets are THE BEST way to grow your email list with people who are fans of your work and are likely to buy from you in the future. Did you know that over 90% of people who visit your site are not ready to buy yet? If you can make friends with them, virtually, they will be more likely to make a purchase down the line.

The best way to do that is by helping them out! Your lead magnet can be a quick worksheet, a stock photo set, a short eBook, or whatever you want it to be – but it has to provide value to your target audience.

Brand design is not in my wheelhouse, unfortunately! My zone of genius is for sure web design and that’s what I LOVE doing.

If you need high-level design work done for your brand, I work with a talented brand designer and I’d be more than happy to request a quote from her for you.

To give you a custom rec, I’d need to talk to you! That being said, I think that SiteGround (Affiliate link) fits the bill for most small-medium business’s websites.

If you have just one domain name and plan to keep it that way, choose their first package. If you have more than one website or domains, choose the second one.

I’ve tried a lot of hosting and when it comes to server speed and reliability, customer service, and bells and whistles included, SiteGround wins for me. If you have tons of traffic (Upwards of 40k visits per month) or launches that involve thousands of site visitors, I would look into BigScoots for your hosting.

This is 100% for your benefit! You’ll get a lot more mileage out of a website if it’s built with your content in mind rather than having me design something more generic and then send me copy that might not fit well into what I’ve created for you.

When I have the copy upfront, I can design something so much more more custom to your business’s specific strategic needs.