Need a web design refresh but don't want to wait 4-6 weeks to launch?

I hear ya.

escape the shackles of your website to-do list

If there's a growing punch list of changes you've been meaning to make to your website, this might be exactly the thing you need.

The average full web design project takes 4-6 weeksΒ it’s common to take even longer. Project delays can happen due to all kinds of things: Website copy holdups, changes in personal schedule/situation and web design changes from business owners who are rethinking their target audience or brand colors.

But if you’re a more established business owner who chose to DIY your website, you are probably more sure about who your ideal client is and what you want your site to look like and work like. The problem? Your site doesn’t feel like you or your brand. Like… at all.

That’s the exact problem we’re going to tackle during this one-day web design intensive.Β You’re an expert at what you do. It’s about time that your site reflects the quality of work that you do so that your potential clients can get a true taste of your talent + skills while they’re considering booking a call or getting in touch with you.

By booking a web design intensive day with me, you’ll get access to the full extent of my 10 years of WordPress experience to knock out almost anything on your to-do list related to the way your website looks like and functions.

We’ll create an action plan before your design day so that we know exactly what your priorities are and you’ll be clear on what deliverables you’ll relieve by the end of our day together.

We’ll connect on a kickoff call at the beginning of the day and I’ll be available throughout the day to support you throughout the project. Expect multiple updates throughout the day, because we’re going to get a lot done.

Here's how it works:

Pick your design day

Book a design intensive for the day that works best for you (you’ll need to be available virtually for feedback and comments, so avoid days with lots of meetings or appointments) and pay the 50% deposit or the full amount in advance.

Get ready (With my help)

For 1-2 weeks leading up to our design day, I’ll send you a short sequence of emails with information and a little bit of homework so that when the day of the intensive comes, we can hit the ground running and get as much done as possible.

Let me tackle your to-do list

When the day of our intensive is here, we will communicate through either email or a messaging service of your choice throughout the process. You’ll be able to view changes within minutes + provide feedback which I will implement immediately.

The goal here is to take care of as many of those nagging problems + misc. (but important) things you've been meaning to add to your site so that you can focus on scaling your business to the next level.

Some of the stuff we can get done during a one-day intensive

(If you have something else in mind, let me know, because I can probably help you with it!)

Sound like a plan?

I hope you're as excited as I am, because we're about to get πŸ‘ stuff πŸ‘ done. πŸ‘

Your investment: $675

50% deposit due to book your spot + final 50% due before your intensive day arrives.