60+ Virtual Assistant Services to Offer Your Clients (+ How to Promote Yourself as a New VA)

If you’ve been thinking about becoming a virtual assistant, I highly recommend it! One of the most common questions I see new VAs asking is “What services should I be providing as a virtual assistant?” And I totally get why this is such a popular question. Virtual assistants are independent contractors that do pretty much whatever they can to help their clients launch and scale their businesses. That being said, there are tons of different tasks to consider adding to your menu of services as a virtual assistant. Here are a ton of ideas!

Big list of virtual assistant services that you can offer to clients

Note: I will say that the best way to market yourself as a virtual assistant and get tons of clients is to niche down. Pick an area (Admin support, tech, blog help, or Pinterest, for example) and stick to it! Usually, businesses and brands are searching for a VA with a specific skill set.

By establishing yourself as “the WordPress girl” or “the email marketing guru”, it will be a lot easier for potential clients to find you and understand your menu of services.

You, of course, can market yourself as a general VA, but I’ve seen that the super-successful virtual assistants stick to one or two main areas.

I’m a tech and design VA and my main services are related to website help, SEO, and graphic design. I do have social media and Pinterest experience, but I usually only offer these as add-on services to existing clients for now!

Affiliate disclaimer: There are affiliate links in this post. This means that if you click through and make a purchase, I may receive a commission (at no extra cost to you). This helps me support the blog and create more content for you – so thank you for your support! I only recommend products and services here that I use, love, and would recommend to a friend.

What rate should I charge as a virtual assistant?

Keep in mind that the average rate a virtual assistant makes depends on her (or his) skillset. I’d say that the going rate for virtual assistant services is anywhere between $20-$55/hr and sometimes more.

If you’re providing more technical services, your prices will typically be higher than someone providing admin support. That’s not to say that you can’t become a rockstar admin VA and create a wonderful rate for yourself – you totally can!

The big list of virtual assistant services to offer your clients

1 | Blogging

Some business owners truly enjoy blogging and do it themselves for as long as they can. Others see it as a necessary evil and outsource blogging tasks ASAP. At the end of the day, blogging is a great way to add to any brand’s visibility online. Through SEO, lead conversion, and creating a genuine connection with its audience, a business can benefit greatly from blogging.

The issue is that blogging is a time-consuming task, to say the least. Virtual assistants that help with blogging-related tasks might provide any of these services:

  • Blog content calendar creation
  • Blog post outlining, editing or writing
  • Transcribing videos or audio files to serve as blog posts
  • Updating older posts with new information
  • Moderating and responding to blog comments
  • Moderating blogging-related communities (Like a Facebook group)
  • Creating graphics for blog posts
  • Doing research for blog posts or blog post topic ideas

2 | Social media management

Social media management is such a popular set of tasks to outsource because of how time-consuming it is. When businesses begin to experience growth, one of the first things they’ll do is hire on someone for social media management assistance.

This will look different depending on the business’s social media needs and the platform they’re utilizing. You can choose to specialize in one social platform or market yourself as a general social media manager. Here’s some of the tasks you might complete as a social media manager:

  • Creating a social content calendar (Sourcing images, writing captions, using hashtags, light graphic design)
  • Scheduling content (Adding posts and content into an app like Buffer or Tailwind to be posted automatically at a specific time)
  • Social media engagement (Liking and commenting on relevant photos to drive traffic to the business’s social profiles. Locating and following the target audience.)
  • Hashtag research (Doing serious research to find hashtags that give the business the most visibility. Creating hashtag lists for each type of post.)
  • Analytics reporting (Creating and sending reports that highlight the business’s social media growth each week or each month. These will help communicate the ROI of the business’s decision to hire social media help.)

3 | CRM maintenance or setup

Customer relationship management systems are a beast of their own. If you know how to work with them, you can probably provide this service exclusively and fully book out your services. If you don’t want to specialize in CRM, it’s still a valuable skill to have on your resume.

4 | Data entry

There’s not much to say here, but data entry is a common task for admin-focused virtual assistants to offer.

5 | Basic bookkeeping

If you have experience as an accountant or bookkeeper, you may want to consider adding bookkeeping to your service menu. Bookkeeping necessitates a certain level of trust between the business owner and yourself, so creating strong relationships with your bookkeeping clients will keep them coming back for your help each quarter.

Every business needs a bookkeeper. I would venture to say that it’s likely one of the first things small businesses hire help for. To people who don’t speak taxes or accounting, bookkeeping is simply a nightmare. It’s a valuable skill to have as a virtual assistant!

6 | Blog maintenance

There’s a lot that goes into maintaining a successful blog! Some bloggers will hire a virtual assistant to handle their blog maintenance tasks specifically.

  • Updating plugins
  • Uploading new images
  • Responding to and moderating blog comments
  • Diagnosing tech issues
  • Updating older posts
  • SEO tasks
  • Link maintenance
  • Analytics and reporting

7 | Website maintenance

More general than blog maintenance, but definitely a specified service niche, web maintenance involves security, updates, backups, and whatever else the client decides to throw into the mix.

8 | Graphic design

Providing graphic design services as a virtual assistant can be tricky because graphic design is typically a more premium service than, say, data entry. If your client needs a visual brand identity or even a logo, they probably shouldn’t be using a virtual assistant’s hourly rate.

But many brands just need a little graphic design help here and there – things like flyer design, social template design, social media content creation, and blog post image creation can easily be worked into your virtual assistant rates.

There’s more of a learning curve to graphic design than some of the other services on this list, but if you’re interested in offering it as a service, start looking at some tutorials. Don’t get too swept up in tutorials, though! Spending time actively designing is the best thing you can do to improve your design skills.

  • Canva design tutorials (Canva is a great place to start – lots of bloggers and small business owners use it to create graphics quickly. You’ll want to move into working with the Adobe Creative Suite once you get a handle on basic design concepts.
  • Adobe has tons of amazing tutorials once you feel ready. In my opinion, jump in as soon as you can! I think that the first tool you should invest in is Illustrator because you can create vector shapes inside of it (logos). You’ll also be able to design for web, print, and mobile inside of it. Longer print documents are best left to InDesign. Mockups and photo editing are in Photoshop’s wheelhouse.
  • Skillshare has so many easy-to-follow video courses that you can complete in a matter of hours that will seriously level up your design skills. You can get a 60-day free trial of Skillshare with my link – I use it to stay updated on current design trends! Once you create an account, just search for skills you’re interested in and sign up for anything that looks helpful to you. You can sign up for as many as you like during the two month trial without getting charged.

9 | Transcription

If you’re not familiar with transcription, it’s translating video or audio files into a written format. This is super popular with video creators who understand the value of blogging, but don’t have time to blog. Hiring someone to “write” their videos out for them and create a blog post out of it is a quick way to build out a blog without much extra work on their part.

Transcription sounds easy enough, but sometimes the audio quality interferes with your ability to transcribe as quickly as you’d like to. Many experienced transcriptionists work with a foot pedal so they can easily pause and play the audio file without interrupting their workflow.

10 | Video editing

YouTube and online courses are huge and not going away for a while! Video editing skills are in-demand.

11 | Email management

This administrative task is a paaaaain for online entrepreneurs. The average office worker spends a couple of hours a day checking and responding to their emails. You can imagine how quickly email becomes a major time-sink for business owners! Outsourcing email management gives business owners a big chunk of their day back.

You might find yourself organizing their inbox with different labels, creating email copy templates, setting autoresponders, setting up filters, and creating and managing a list of FAQs. Doing email management for your client might work one of two ways:

  • You get access to their entire email account and you manage everything, including personal emails
  • The client sets up a special email address for you and directs customer service + other inquiries to the account that you manage

Either way, you’re saving your client a lot of time!

12 | Email marketing setup + integration

ConvertKit. MailChimp. ConstantContact. ActiveCampaign. There are so many high-quality email marketing services out there. Email marketing is still incredibly relevant and most business owners can benefit from nurturing an email list.

The problem is – you guessed it – a successful email marketing campaign takes a lot of work on the back-end. You’ll probably be doing all of these things and more:

  • Integrating email signup forms into their website and other customer touchpoints
  • Identifying opportunities for the client to funnel relevant leads to their email list
  • Organizing their email list into segments
  • Ensuring they’re complying with anti-spam laws and GDPR
  • Creating signup forms and landing pages

13 | Writing email sequences

Moving away from the technical side of email marketing, there’s still a lot that needs to be done. Email sequences are meant to create a relationship with the client’s target audience by giving them helpful information, asking them questions, and offering them valuable products or discounts.

If you’re a skilled copywriter, don’t forget to let your prospects know that you can create killer email sequences for them. It’s absolutely a skill that sells.

14 | Funnel creation

Sales funnels help create profit in online businesses by converting traffic into potential customers/leads and then turning those leads into customers. Funnels can involve email campaigns, social media, landing pages, or webinars, for example.

Setting up a funnel that functions like a well-oiled lead generating machine is obviously incredibly valuable for any business. You’ll probably be involved in these things:

  • Creating branded promo graphics + content upgrades
  • Developing sales copy
  • Webinar management + setup
  • Setting up landing pages
  • Automation setup

15 | Moderating Facebook or LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn and Facebook groups help build a community around an online business. Customers and leads can interact with the business directly through groups and establish a closer relationship with them.

Moderating comments, answering questions, and keeping control of what people are posting inside of the group is important – and time-consuming. You’ll be responsible for keeping the conversation on-subject and weeding out spammers and self-promoters. Done right, groups offer tremendous value to both the group members and the business or brand who leads the group.

16 | Creating branded templates and guidelines

Templates can save businesses a lot of time! Smaller businesses who can’t necessarily afford to hire a designer for each graphic item they create will often turn to branded templates instead. On the other side of this are the huge brands who have too many graphics created to count.

They’ll also need templates to provide to their staff: think presentations, social images, blog post graphics, lead magnets, and much more.

17 | Interviewing or recruiting

Maybe you have HR experience or perhaps you’ve worked with a client for a long time and they are comfortable delegating recruiting tasks to you. Either way, many virtual assistants find themselves sourcing leads for open positions as well as sifting through applications and interviewing candidates.

18 | Forum management + moderation

Popular online discussion forms need fully-dedicated moderators to avoid spammers, persistent self-promo, and any other posts that go against the site rules.

19 | Event coordination

Booking venues, doing research, contacting vendors, researching potential speakers and coordinating/communicating with them, and planning parties. Some virtual assistants specialize entirely in event planning!

20 | Editing + proofreading

You’ve heard it a million times: Content is king. And businesses are in need of a lot of it. Adding editing and/or proofreading to your list of professional skills will definitely help you achieve a well-rounded virtual assistant service menu.

21 | eBook publishing + editing

Publishing a book is now more accessible than ever. That being said, putting an eBook together is a lot of work and writers always need a second set of eyes to take a look at their manuscript. If you have experience in the publishing industry or you have a serious passion for books, consider looking into adding eBook publishing and editing services to your offerings.

22 | SEO

Search engine optimization is a set of technical and non-technical tasks that work together to help Google understand websites more clearly. If you’ve ever done SEO work, you know that it’s in-depth stuff. SEO is a highly valuable skill and as a tech-focused or copy-focused VA, you’ll benefit greatly from becoming familiar enough with it to add it to your service offerings.

23 | Web design

What can I say? Almost every business needs a website. If you know how to work on them, your potential client list just got a lot bigger. As a virtual assistant, you might now be ok with offering full-blown web design services for an hourly rate. But having proven experience designing and launching successful websites will make your skillset more desirable.

24 | Ad management

Creating and managing social ads effectively is a skill that I have yet to acquire. With the right product, ad copy, and management, ads are a machine for businesses to turn $1 into $2… over and over again. Ad management is fairly sought-after when it comes to VA services.

If you get hired as a VA and your client is interested in having you manage their ads, I’d personally suggest charging a higher price than your hourly rate. Unless you simply need experience in this area.

25 | Course creation

You could create an entire virtual assisting niche out of course creation assistance. Between creating promotional graphics and content upgrades for the course, crafting email sequence copy, managing webinars, and editing course content, you’ll have a ton to do.

Successful courses are incredibly lucrative for their owners. If you can nail down how to support, promote, and launch a course, your skillset will be valued by bloggers and business owners everywhere.

26 | Video creation

Some virtual assistants help content creators create their videos.

27 | Travel arrangements

Booking hotels, event tickets, transportation, and accommodations get time-consuming when you’re traveling regularly. This is a simple, admin-related task that you can add to your list of services if you plan to be an admin-focused virtual assistant.

28 | Gmail setup

A lot of us know how to set up Gmail accounts, but sometimes business owners don’t have the time to deal with it. Highlighting your proficiency with Gmail and Gsuite in your resume is always a good idea.

29 | Calendar management

Another administrative task! Calendar management. How many hours a week do you spend planning out the week ahead? Helping a busy entrepreneur with her calendar will add a little bit more time back into her day and she will thank you for it.

30 | Project management

Here’s where admin skills and tech meet. Do you have project management skills? It’s a valuable line item to be able to put on your service list!

If you don’t and you’re considering doing tech or admin work as a virtual assistant – look into it! If you can break a large project down into tasks, assign those tasks, and help everyone communicate to stay on-target for deadlines, you’d make a great project manager.

For now, get familiar with project management by signing up for a project management tool like Asana. Use it to organize tasks in your own business – it’s a lifesaver!

31 | Customer service via live chat or email

If you’ve worked in customer service in-person and did well, you might enjoy providing clients with customer service via live chat or email. Businesses, popular blogs, and magazines all receive dozens of emails and inquiries every day. While email management service providers might respond to all of a client’s emails, a customer support specialist only takes on emails and messages from customers.

32 | Reputation management

Businesses need to be responding to each and every customer review – positive or negative. They also need to be actively encouraging customers to leave reviews of their business on the important platforms: Google, Facebook, and Yelp, as a start. Responding to negative reviews in a thorough, helpful, and friendly manner will create a more positive impression on potential customers browsing a business’s reviews.

But not every business owner has the time to respond to every review and follow up with unhappy customers. That’s where you can save the day. Reputation management is more popular with brick and mortar businesses, but you’ll find that some online businesses need a hand with it as well.

33 | Product launch management

Helping an entrepreneur launch her next product is a detail-oriented job. That’s why a lot of new product launches have a dedicated team or team member! You might do any of these things while launching a new product:

  • Create, schedule, or post promo images
  • Engage with followers to build hype around the product
  • Create ads and custom ad audiences
  • Write an email sequence leading up to the launch
  • Create a landing page for the product
  • Design or edit the product itself
  • Manage the entire team working on the project launch
  • Answer emails about the product

34 | Social media set up

Social media specialists can offer social media profile set up as a one-time service to boost their virtual assisting income here and there. As a VA, retainer clients are always what we want. But sometimes, one-time services like this can beef up your monthly paycheck enough to save up for the next big thing you’re planning.

You could offer a package of three social media profile setups or do it on an a-la-carte basis. Most small businesses won’t be able to cover every platform at first – some might choose Pinterest and Instagram while another might focus on Facebook and LinkedIn. You’ll charge a flat fee for the profile setup and it’s up to you if you include custom graphics in that package or not.

35 | Social media audits

Many social-focused virtual assistants will do a social media audit for a flat fee. Some of them specialize in just one social media platform while others will audit a brand across the board. The key to providing a valuable social media audit is in how you communicate the information you uncover to the client.

Create a highly visual report that clearly highlights problem areas. Create potential solutions for them based on your findings. The client should walk away with valuable, actionable tips they can take to improve their social presence.

36 | SEO audits

An SEO audit is a one-time in-depth study of your client’s website, backlink profile, and competitor analysis. Typically, audits are delivered in a visual format so that clients can see exactly where the problems lie. Leave them with clear instructions on how to fix each of the issues or how to find more information about the issues that exist.

37 | Website audits

Virtual assistants who are marketing or tech-focused may enjoy providing website audits as a one-time service. You’ll explore the client’s site and find points of weakness: Weak copy, no/few calls to action, too much going on, branding that is not aligned with the target audience, broken links, and anything else you see as an issue.

Tell them nice things about their site but keep the audit about areas of potential improvement. They should be given clear instructions on what’s not working, why, and how to fix it.

38 | Pinterest marketing

Pinterest is such a huge part of online marketing today. Whether you sell products or services, you need to get on Pinterest! Pinterest marketing specialists know how to leverage the platform to drive relevant traffic. Relevant traffic is the best type of traffic and you’ll get a lot more email signing, project inquiries, clicks, and shares when the traffic coming to your site finds value in what’s on it.

What might you do as a Pinterest manager?

  • Create pins
  • Schedule your client’s pins in Tailwind
  • Manually pin on Pinterest
  • Purge old boards of low-quality pins (Pins linking to spammy sites)
  • Removing off-niche boards and pins
  • Applying to group boards
  • Scheduling pins from tribe members in Tailwind
  • Creating a custom Pinterest strategy

39 | Pinterest account optimization + audits

Sometimes, online business owners know that they need to be utilizing Pinterest but they don’t have the ability to hire a dedicated VA for their Pinterest account. A great solution? A one-time Pinterest profile optimization or audit service.

With an audit (usually the lower price of the two services) you’re combing through the client’s Pinterest profile and putting together a video or custom report that highlights the ways they can improve their profile and optimize it to attract the client’s target audience. Many business owners prefer this because from now on, they know how to keep their profile looking and functioning the way it should.

A Pinterest account optimization service involves auditing the account and implementing the suggested changes yourself. Some business owners have no interest in DIY-ing their Pinterest marketing – and some of them just don’t have any time!

40 | LinkedIn profile optimization

In specific niches, LinkedIn is huge for lead generation. Professionals looking to serve high-ticket clients or make high-level industry connections may come to a VA who is a LinkedIn expert to help them use LinkedIn to up their credibility. It’s certainly a niche, but LinkedIn experts can make quite a lot, hourly. If you already enjoy LinkedIn, it may be worth looking into. If you plan to work with job seekers, coaches, speakers, and high-level game-changers, take a course or two on LinkedIn marketing.

41 | Lifestyle management (Curating gifts, booking restaurants, paying bills, moving assistance)

If you’re hired on to do administrative work for your client, you’ll probably end up doing some lifestyle management tasks. Many business owners need help with managing their personal life in addition to their business activities. This is especially true when a business owner is experiencing massive growth in her business and needs to save as much energy as possible to dedicate to the things that matter most.

If you’ve been working with a client for a while now, she might ask you to take care of booking travel, selecting birthday gifts for her 12 nieces and nephews, arranging for cards to be sent, and other things that she might slip up on while she’s laser-focused on her business.

42 | Blog audits

Offering blog audits as a service is a great way for someone who is thinking about becoming a VA to try out working with clients without committing to too much. If you already have a blog with reasonable traffic, try offering a blog audit to your readers. Charge a one-time, flat fee to comb through their blog and identify where they can improve things.

Look at their branding, messaging, user experience, lead magnets, email opt-in locations, about page, contact page, and any services they provide. Check out their blog posts and take note of anything you see that’s hurting their traffic or driving people away from their site. Deliver your conclusions to your client along with actionable tips they can take to improve the performance and conversion rate of their blog.

43 | Managing influencer marketing campaigns

Lots of small business owners rely on influencer marketing to spread the word about their products and their brand. You can help these businesses identify the right influencers to use for their marketing campaigns by assessing the influencer’s social profiles and determining whether or not the influencer’s audience is aligned with the target audience of the business. You’ll likely be responsible for all of these things:

  • Finding influencers who are a good fit for the business
  • Contacting influencers and securing an agreement with them
  • Arranging the shipment of product and/or payment
  • Following up with the influencers after the promo is posted
  • Reviewing data from the campaign to determine which influencers had the best ROI for your client
  • Keeping track of each influencer’s contact info and ROI in a spreadsheet
  • Reaching out to the best-performing influencers for future collaborations

44 | Affiliate program management

Bloggers who use affiliate marketing as part of their monetization strategy can get quickly overwhelmed with the number of affiliate links going on. You can help them by organizing their affiliate links into a spreadsheet so they don’t have to go hunt down a product they’ve previously linked to. Some website platforms (WordPress, for example) has nifty plugins that will help keep things organized inside the site backend as well.

Affiliate link and program management might also involve scoping out new affiliate programs or sending emails on your client’s behalf to apply for new programs. If you’re thinking about becoming a virtual assistant for bloggers, definitely start getting familiar with how affiliate programs work so that you can help your clients manage their links and affiliate opportunities.

45 | Link building  (industry outreach + guest posting opportunities)

Link building is a crucial part of SEO, but it looks a lot different than it did years ago. Today, a lot of link building involves email and social outreach. By corresponding with other bloggers or website owners in your client’s niche, you can build relationships that are beneficial for both parties. Link building for your client might look like any of these things:

  • Reaching out to others in the same industry to build rapport and suggest a few articles that are relevant to them/their readers
  • Finding and securing guest post opportunities
  • Commenting on other, relevant and authoritative blogs and websites
  • Connecting with others in the same niche to create a roundup post
  • Arranging a guest post swap with another website owner

46 | Managing contests

A simple giveaway can quickly turn into a huge project. If you plan to work with bloggers, online business owners, or influencers, consider creating a “giveaway management package” for a flat rate. the rate should depend on the scope of work involved and how much traction the giveaway is expected to generate.

Giveaways are great opportunities for businesses and influencers to grow their reach, but your client will need someone trustworthy to comb through all of the entries, confirm that the winner is eligible, and contact them.

47 | Creating lead magnets

I’m sure you’re fully aware of this, but lead magnets are probably the best way for anyone to build an email list. An email list of warm followers is highly valuable to any business owner. You can help business owners grow their email list by taking care of all lead magnet-related tasks:

  • Brainstorming lead magnet ideas
  • Polling the client’s audience about ideas or posting in Facebook groups to ask the client’s target audience about them
  • Writing copy
  • Designing the lead magnets
  • Integrating them into blog posts + the client’s email marketing service
  • Creating an email sequence about the new lead magnets
  • Designing social media graphics to promote the lead magnets
  • Scheduling posts related to the lead magnets

48 | Custom coding help

Can you code? Good! People need you. Businesses need you.

No one wants a website that looks like a template. While website templates are AMAZING resources and perfect starting points, adding a little code to a website can make it look so much more unique and custom. If you’d like to be a tech-focused virtual assistant, definitely become familiar with HTML and CSS at the very least. You’ll use a lot of CSS when customizing websites for your clients. It also doesn’t hurt to learn JavaScript. And PHP, if you’re working with WordPress.

49 | Podcasting support

There are virtual assistants that offer podcasting support as their only service – and they are killing it! Podcasts are so popular right now, and I totally understand why. I didn’t get it at first, but as someone who stays pretty busy, it’s way too convenient to listen to the content I want to consume instead of having to read it or watch a video.

You can pitch yourself to podcast owners by setting up a service page on your website that talks about exactly what they can expect from you. Here’s what I would add to it:

  • Podcast editing
  • Podcast outreach + audience building
  • Identifying and communicating with possibly podcast speakers
  • Creating a social media strategy and content calendar
  • Putting together a hashtag strategy
  • Promotional graphics for the podcast + each episode
  • Writing or outsourcing show notes
  • Posting show notes to the blog
  • Answering comments and emails about the podcast

You’ll basically be their “podcast manager”. If you’re already into podcasts, this would be such a fun position for you!

50 | Creating reports

Are you good with data and analytics? No matter what programs you use, (anything from Excel to Tableau) data visualization is important. Business owners need to “see” what’s working in their business and what’s not.

51 | Creating presentations

Influencers and business owners who frequently speak at events or host webinars will need you to create beautiful and captivating presentations for them. You might be writing the copy or you might be creating slide decks. You might be doing both!

52 | Sourcing high-quality, relevant stock photos

If you’ve been in the online business world for a while now, you know that people use the same free stock photos over and over again. Bloggers and small business owners who haven’t been around the block yet might not be aware of that fact. You can’t necessarily get hired for stock photo sourcing full-time, but you can definitely offer it as a service.

Selecting the right visuals to accompany ANY message is central to how far that message will be spread online. It could be a blog post, a social media graphic, or a Facebook ad. Your clients need to use stock photos that elevate the message without distracting from it, and you can help them find the right imagery.

53 | Editing photos

Some photographers outsource photo editing in order to book more shoots or gigs. Some bloggers take their own photos but want to outsource editing so that they don’t have to spend hours doing it. If you choose to offer photo editing as a VA service, just make sure that you establish what your client’s stylistic preferences are before editing any photos for them.

54 | Etsy store management

Etsy stores can be stagnant for a year or two and then take off overnight. Sometimes, an Etsy store owner will add a new product or two to their store and experience massive growth. You could offer customer service for Etsy shop owners who are experiencing quick growth and need an extra hand.

55 | Creative market store management

Similarly to Etsy store management, store owners on Creative Market (digital, design-related goods) can also benefit from outsourcing their customer service. You’ll send thank-you messages, respond to comments on the shop owner’s listings, notify the shop owner of any technical issues, upload new listings to the shop, and respond to direct messages from customers.

56 | Dubsado setup

Dubsado is a popular CRM for service-based businesses. It’s amazing! But complicated.

Many business owners purchase a Dubsado subscription and then get stuck. Dubsado and other CRMs are meant to simplify the entire process for both the client and the business owner, but it requires a lot of work, in the beginning, to get everything set up.

You can sign up with Dubsado for free to get familiar with it and there are plenty of tutorials to help you along. Their free trial period is unusual – they let you use the system for three clients, from onboarding to offboarding. There’s no specific number of days you can use, so you don’t have to rush to teach yourself how to use it.

57 | Honeybook setup

Honeybook is another well-loved CRM program and you can offer the same type of setup service packages.

58 | Shopify store setup + listing services

Shopify is a powerful e-commerce platform and a top choice for small businesses and entrepreneurs who want to build an online store. It’s built specifically for this purpose, so it’s a great choice. You could become a Shopify expert and cater specifically to Shopify store owners – or you could simply have Shopify services as a line item in your service menu.

59 | WooCommerce store setup + listing services

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that lets you create an e-commerce store on a WordPress site. It works a lot differently than Shopify and it’s a tool that takes time and effort to master. If you’re a tech-focused VA who works with a lot of WordPress website and blog owners, consider getting familiar with WooCommerce so that you can help your clients set up a shop on their domain.

60 | Etsy store setup+ listing services

Building an Etsy store is a piece of cake if you just have a couple of products. But if someone is starting an Etsy store with a larger number of products, it can quickly get overwhelming. Here’s what you can do to help a new Etsy store owner:

  • Create graphics for Etsy listings
  • Write descriptions and post listings
  • Determine the best tags for each listing
  • Create + upload an Etsy shop banner and profile photo
  • Fill out the various sections of the client’s Etsy profile (“About this shop”, a personal bio, refund policy, etc.)

61 | eBay store setup + listing services

eBay sellers often have huge eBay stores and receive tons of messages every single day.  Between customer service work, posting listings, and writing descriptions, you’ll be super busy. Many people make their entire living from selling on eBay, believe it or not. You can add eBay listing and store management to your virtual assistance services menu and you’ll probably only need a few clients in order to be booked out.

62 | Poshmark store setup + listing services

Poshmark is an app used to sell clothes, beauty, and fashion items. They have fewer categories than eBay – they’re more focused on fashion and you can’t sell mugs or crafts there, for example. There are quite a few clothing resellers who make a career of thrifting by flipping their thrift finds.

Successful resellers on Poshmark may even open boutiques on the platform. You can help resellers manage their shops by handling these tasks:

  • Responding to listing inquiries and comments
  • Posting new listings and adding descriptions to them
  • Sharing their listings as well as their follower’s listings
  • Connecting with new Poshmark and established users to build rapport
  • Running sales in their shop
  • Creating graphics for their shop
  • Sharing their listings to relevant parties
  • Creating and updating sales reports

63 | Amazon store setup + listing services

Selling on Amazon works in a couple of ways and your tasks might vary based on how your client is utilizing the platform. But you’ll likely be creating detailed product descriptions, performing market and competitor research, posting listings, and possibly photographing items for listings.

Final thoughts + how to move forward with your VA business

Wow, okay, that took a while to write! Hopefully, if you’re thinking about becoming a VA, this list can help you plan out virtual assistant services that you’ll enjoy providing to your clients. At the end of the day, you need to build a business that you don’t hate! So don’t add any of these VA service ideas to your list unless they’re something you know you’ll love to do.

Maybe create a separate VA service list for your “maybes”. That way, you can start providing a short list of virtual assistant services while exploring other options.

Where can I learn new virtual assistant services?

If you enjoy learning in a video course format and you don’t have a huge budget for learning material right now, I highly recommend using Skillshare to explore and learn new skills to offer as a virtual assistant. They have EVERYTHING. From administrative tasks to highly technical skills, you can really dig deep and expand your VA service offerings using just this site.

If you sign up with my link, you’ll get a free two-month trial of Skillshare, so you can finish a ton of courses before deciding if you want to pay for the platform. Skillshare is only around $15/month after the trial and I love using it to stay on top of my skills.

You can also learn a great deal, for free, from YouTube. Just search for the skill you’d like to become proficient in, watch, learn, and be patient. You can learn almost any of these skills by watching YouTube videos, it just might take a little longer than it would if you were following a course curriculum. I use YouTube alllllll the time for design tutorials.

How should I promote myself as a new virtual assistant?

Girl, get a website.

The absolute best move is to create a website where you can showcase your virtual assistant services and use as a touchpoint for potential clients. You can also display your work in a portfolio on your site to help convince potential clients that you’re the one for the job.

Depending on what you do, you might structure your portfolio as a gallery (graphic design, lead magnet design, web design, etc.) or as a selection of case studies that highlight what results you were able to achieve for each client (social media, admin tasks, podcast management, etc.)

How to create a website for your virtual assistant business

For your website, you’ll need a domain name and a hosting account. I recommend using Siteground for these things, because their customer service is incredible, especially if you’re a beginner and you’ve never made a website before. I use Siteground and recommend it to my web design clients. After you create a Siteground account, you’ll want to install WordPress and then find a theme you love and start adding your website copy and images.

Join relevant Facebook groups to find virtual assistant clients

After your site is live, start joining Facebook groups where your ideal client is hanging out. The more specialized your services are, the easier it will be to find relevant groups. If you need some ideas, I have a free list of Facebook groups for female business owners that you can take a look at to get started. I’ve gotten virtual assistant jobs from several of the groups on this list.

Be active in these groups and keep an eye out for posts from people who are looking for a virtual assistant. I’ve noticed that a lot of women in these groups are open to hiring a new VA as long as you’re professional and organized.

Offer your services and be concise and transparent about what you provide as well as your rates and your experience. To find clients you love working with, make sure you hop on a call or video chat with them before they book your services. That way, you can make sure they are the right fit before you agree to do several hours of work for them each week.

Pay attention to how the poster is asking potential VAs to contact them. Some will be comfortable with direct messages while others specifically ask you to email them with more information about your virtual assistant services. If you DM someone who wants an email because you didn’t read their post, you probably won’t land a chance to talk with them.

That’s all for now!

Thanks so much for reading through this post and let me know in the comments if you have any questions about how to become a virtual assistant or how to select the VA services you’d like to provide! I plan to update this post with more information when I have some time to work on it.

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More than 60 virtual assistant service ideas for your new va business

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