Super Easy Rich Pins Setup on Pinterest (for WordPress Sites)

If you run a blog or business, getting rich pins set up on your Pinterest account is definitely something you want to get done. There are a few steps involved, but I promise it’s super easy! Rich pins are more detailed pins that display your website’s URL and your profile photo below each pin.

How to set up rich pins on your wordpress blog

There are other things that they can do for you as well! Things like product prices and recipe ingredient lists can be displayed by default with the help of rich pins. Your pins will become more informative and therefore more helpful to anyone who stumbles across them.

Since setting up rich pins on my Pinterest account, I’ve gotten double the amount of views on my profile and my pins. Also, the number of re-pins and followers I’ve been getting has noticeably improved.

Here’s a quick video tutorial in case you’re not in the mood for reading!

I’m going to cover how to set up rich pins for WordPress, so if your site is hosted with Squarespace or Wix this isn’t the guide you’re looking for.

Step 1: Install Yoast SEO

Yoast is a free WordPress plugin that you probably already have installed on your site. If you don’t, I highly recommend it whether you intend to use Pinterest as a platform to market your blog/business or not! It’s an SEO plugin that gives valuable insight and suggestions for SEO improvements on every page of your website.

And it can help you set up rich pins for your WordPress site! Here are the steps:

Go to your WordPress admin dashboard

Click on the “Plugins” tab on the left side of your interface.

Click the “Add New” button near the top of your screen

Search for “Yoast”

Install and activate the Yoast SEO plugin

Mouse over the new “SEO” tab on the left side of your interface

Select “Social”

Click on the “Pinterest” tab


Step 2: Head over to Pinterest and grab the site verification code

Open up your settings on Pinterest and scroll down to the “Claim” section

Enter your website URL into the box and click “Claim website”.

Select “Add HTML tag” when prompted. You’ll be given a unique code for your website. Copy this and go back to Yoast, where we left off.

Enter the code into the “Pinterest confirmation” box and click “Save changes”.

You’re almost finished! Head back over to Pinterest and select “Submit”.

Step 3 | Use the rich pins validator

Head over to Pinterest’s rich pins validator and enter the URL to any blog post or page on your website.

Click “validate” and then select “HTML tag” and then “Apply”. Boom – you’re finished!

So there you have it! Enabling rich pins for WordPress websites is pretty quick and easy. After a little while (up to 24 hours), you will get a verification email from Pinterest confirming that your rich pins have been enabled. If you don’t receive that email, go back to the settings of your Pinterest account and look for a green check mark next to your website name. If you see that, you’ve got rich pins set up correctly!

Having trouble enabling rich pins for your WordPress site? Let me know in the comments and I’ll definitely help out.

How to set up rich pins for wordpress websites

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