Flodesk Review: Email Marketing for Service Providers + Creatives

Disclaimer: The Flodesk link in this review article is an affiliate link. This means I’ll receive a small commission if you sign up using my link. I’m recommending Flodesk here because I’ve tried everything else for email marketing and this is by far my favorite solution!

I’ve been seeing tons of Instagram posts recently about a newer email marketing tool called Flodesk and at first, I was super bummed out because I’d just signed on with ConvertKit and was happy about the fact that I’d finally committed to an email marketing tool.

I was not interested in exploring other options at that point!

Flodesk seemed like just another trendy internet marketing tool, similar to the (seemingly) millions of others popping up everywhere, all with glowing reviews.

Girl, I was not here for it.

But then I saw a quick video of what it looks like to set up an opt-in form in Flodesk. And it was so, incredibly simple that I realized that Flodesk might be able to save me some major time.

And I am all for saving time.

So I got a free trial of Flodesk, set up a form, explored their email design tool, and I was sold. I locked in my 50% Flodesk discount by paying for my first month and the rest is history.

I finally started utilizing email marketing in my business, which has been a major win for me.

Here’s a quick overview of what I love about Flodesk compared to other email marketing platforms.

  • You can easily make the forms look pretty without code. Even as someone who codes, this is a major time-saver for me.
  • You don’t have to rely on HTML templates to create beautiful emails – there are premade layouts ready to go as soon as you log in.
  • There are no restrictions on tags and segments. With Flodesk, you can get as crazy with your email marketing as you want to. Or, you can keep it simple.
  • The price you pay per month stays the same no matter how many people are on your list. This is wild. This is amazing. This is beautiful. If your email list has a few thousand people on it, you’re saving hundreds of dollars per month by using Flodesk over MailChimp, ConvertKit, or many other tools. So, you can have UNLIMITED subscribers without paying anything more.
  • On top of that, you can get 50% off for life if you sign up with my link. (Or anyone’s link! But I’d super appreciated it if you clicked on mine.) This makes Flodesk $19/month (Instead of $38) FOREVER. Amazing.

Flodesk Forms Review

Okay, so what’s the form creation tool in Flodesk like compared to other platforms?

If you’ve used MailChimp before, you probably remember how confusing it was to set up your first form. In ConvertKit, it’s better, but you will need to add custom code to the form to get it to look right.

Setting up a new form took me a lot longer than I should have, because no email marketing solution had all of the customization options I wanted in the form tool, so I had to go in with custom CSS.

Here are the tools I’ve personally used extensively, with clients or with my own business:

  • ConvertKit (My second fav. but still doesn’t stack up to Flodesk in terms of ease of use/time-saving ability.)
  • MailChimp
  • MailerLite
  • ActiveCampaign

If you’ve used any of these and found yourself spending way too much time creating new opt-in forms on your website, watch the 60-second video below where I create a brand new form using Flodesk and embed it on my website. It looks beautiful and it’s fully mobile-responsive without any custom coding.

After that, all you have to do to get your form on your site is to copy and paste the embed code into your site. And it looks perfect without a single line of custom CSS. So easy!


Flodesk Email Design Tool Review

Y’allllll. Creating emails has never been so simple or easy for me.

The absolute best part about Flodesk is how simple it makes everything. The interface is clean and not at all confusing.

An overview of flodesk's email design interface

Being able to make my emails look exactly how I want them to without touching code is a beautiful thing. While I love coding, I’m not in the mood to debug and deal with things when I’m trying to write an email. For me, the block-style drag-and-drop Flodesk email editor is a huge time-saver.

  • Use their built-in templates and layouts OR create your email design from scratch in their drag-and-drop builder.
  • Just add in images + text, then drag and drop until everything looks perfect!
  • Preview what your email looks like on mobile or desktop without leaving the page.
  • Add in your social media links or embed a preview of your Instagram feed with one click.

Wrapping it up: Is Flodesk a good choice for email marketing?

Flodesk is changing the email marketing game and it’s not even out of private beta – it’s its own thing, for sure.

1.) $19/month for unlimited subscribers is so much more affordable for small businesses who need to run a lean operation without sacrificing the ability to reach their audience/following. Other email marketing platforms charge based on the number of subscribers you have, which can easily cost hundreds per month.

2.) Flodesk is so much easier to use than any email marketing platform I’ve ever tried. That fact alone saves me tons of time each week.

Alright, so that’s my honest Flodesk review (as a former skeptic) and all I can say is: Consider giving it a shot! I love it and it’s actually causing me excitement around writing my next welcome/nurture sequence, which is also pretty much a miracle.

Try it for yourself:

Get a free one-month trial of Flodesk and if you love it, lock in 50% off for life.


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My honest review of flodesk (email marketing tool for creative people who want to sent stunning emails without tech headaches)

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  1. Hi Ciara, thank you for sharing your experience with Flodesk. I’ve heard a lot about it, but still want to see how the numbers stack. What size of subscriber lists are you familiar with? We have about 20k and are hesitant to switch over but are enticed by the simple UX and price as we’re a nonprofit. We’d be switching from Mailchimp.

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