How to Fix a 403 or Server Error with Flodesk and Elementor

Today, I’m going to walk you through how to fix a 403 server error with Flodesk and Elementor.

I somewhat recently discovered the delights of Flodesk and decided it was finally time to go all-in on email marketing like literally everyone online preaches at you to do. (Because, as I’m discovering for myself, it’s well worth it.)

I ran into a few pitfalls, initially, when I was trying to get Flodesk forms working on my WordPress + Elementor site and one of them was that this super annoying server/403 error kept popping up when I tried to save my form to a page.

If your posts or pages use Elementor (or another WP page builder, like Thrive, Divi, Beaver Builder, etc.) you may have run into this error.


Here’s how to fix it! (Video in case you don’t want to read, but the written tutorial is below.)


1.) Temporarily disable your security plugin

Your security plugin is likely the cause of the error you’re seeing because it’s not used to Flodesk messing with your site. Temporarily disabling your security plugin while you’re adding your new form to your site will usually clear a server error with Flodesk and Elementor.

The key word here is temporary because security plugins are one of the most important types of plugins to have on your site, so you do want to enable it again when you’re finished adding your form.

Go to your plugins list in your WordPress dashboard and check for any security plugins. There will usually only be one security plugin installed on your site. Here are some popular ones you might have installed if you’re not sure what to look for:

  • Wordfence
  • iThemes Security
  • MalCare
  • Sucuri
  • WebArx
  • All in One WP Security
  • Bulletproof Security
  • Acunetix Security
  • 6Scan Security
  • Defender

There are more of them, so if you don’t see one of the listed plugins above and you’re not sure which of your plugins is a security plugin, Google the names of the plugins you’re not sure about to find out.

When you find the security plugin, click “disable” (We’re coming back here to enable it when we’re finished adding our Flodesk form to Elementor.)


2.) Head back over to the page or post that was giving you the server error when you tried to save the Flodesk form.

Add the form code again (This is the second bit of code in Flodesk, the first section should be in your website <head> tag.) and click “save.” Your form should be live on the page with no problems. You might not see it in Elementor, but if you were able to save the page without the server error, view the page from the front end and you will see the form there.


3.) Reactivate your security plugin

REACTIVATE. THAT. PLUGIN. FAM. I can’t be more adamant about this, haha. You need your website security plugin on and working – much better safe than sorry.

Your form will work fine after you reactivate your security plugin, but you may have to deactivate your plugin next time you go to add another Flodesk form to your site.

Every time you deactivate it, come back here to activate it before moving on about your day.


Finishing up: Server error with Flodesk and Elementor

That’s seriously it! Most of the time, it’s your security plugin that causes this server error with Flodesk forms in Elementor or another page builder.

If this doesn’t fix your issue, I recommend emailing Flodesk support, because they are great at getting back to you with a super helpful answer (I’ve emailed them a few times before with better results than expected for your average customer support inbox.) You can also check out their help section for detailed tutorials and troubleshooting topics.


Save this for later? Yay! Here’s a pin for you.

How to fix a server error with flodesk and elementor

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