Facebook Groups for Female Business Owners + Bloggers (Huge List)

Let’s talk about Facebook groups. Just for a little bit. Facebook is changing a lot these days, but Facebook groups are a quick and easy way to network with your industry peers, search for job opportunities, get support from other women who are building businesses and establish yourself as an expert online.

If you aren’t ready to create a Facebook group of your own, getting involved with a few awesome ones is a great place to start making Facebook work for you as a marketing platform. I made this big list of Facebook groups for female business owners so that you can get right to the good stuff without applying to spammy or irrelevant groups on accident.

Big list of facebook groups perfect for female business owners and bloggers

Why should you join Facebook groups in the first place? What’s in it for you?

Good question. That depends on what you want out of them. Here are some things you can expect from a great Facebook group.

1 | Market research opportunities

Market reasearch opportunity example in female-focused facebook group

Facebook groups are an easy way to access your target audience or ideal client. In most groups, even ones with no self-promo rules, you’re allowed to conduct market research. You can do this by asking a question, posting an image and asking for feedback, or creating a poll for the group to respond to. Some groups will allow you to post links if you need to conduct a survey or ask people to take a look at your website and provide their feedback.

2 | Job opportunities + getting more clients

An example of a job opportunity inside a facebook group for women

If you are a freelancer, joining Facebook groups specifically for female business owners will be so valuable to you. Female entrepreneurs are usually incredibly driven and these groups have ladies in all stages of growing their businesses. That means plenty of them are looking to outsource some of their workload.

If you’re a virtual assistant, graphic or web designer, web developer, online business manager, copywriter, or another type of service-based business owner – get your butt into some of these groups! Many of them have new job opportunities posted daily. I’ve landed several one-time and recurring gigs just by replying to posts in Facebook groups.

3 | Support from other business owners

Sometimes, it’s just good for your mental health to know that there are other people out there struggling (or not struggling!) to build their businesses. You’ll see both sides of the coin here and I find it incredibly motivating. Almost no one I know IRL is building a business of their own. If you’re in a similar boat as me, being a business owner can be incredibly isolating. Just having posts appear on my Facebook timeline that I can relate to is super valuable.

4 | Help

Example of getting help from other business owners in facebook groups

Not sure where to start with SEO? Can’t figure out how to embed an email signup form on your website? Need to set up rich pins on Pinterest but not having any luck? Post about it in a responsive group and you’ll get help almost immediately. Your plea for help is someone else’s opportunity to further establish herself as an expert in her niche. Also, people love helping other people out in these groups!

5 | Self-promo

Some groups allow self-promotional posts or comments. Many do not allow outright posts, because that clogs up the group feed and makes the group spammy. Check the group rules for details about self-promo. Some will create specific promo threads and post them several times a week. You’re allowed to share links on these threads and it’s great for getting a few more eyeballs on your products, services, and posts.

Many groups allow you to respond to questions with a link to your post or service, as long as it’s relevant to the original poster’s question. If you’re helping people with your link, it’s usually fine. If you’re posting your link just to post it, you’re not helping anyone. Just double-check the rules related to links and self-promo before commenting or posting in any group! 🙂

Why I created this giant list of Facebook groups for female business owners + entrepreneurs

Facebook groups can be spammy or go inactive, unfortunately. I’ve joined lots of groups only to find that they’re pretty much dead or that they aren’t quite what I thought they’d be. It’s better to join a few high-quality groups than to join a ton of groups that you don’t engage in or receive value from.

That’s why I put together this list of Facebook groups for female business owners and entrepreneurs so that you don’t have to join a million groups to find the good ones!

I plan to update the list as I join more Facebook groups and spend enough time in them to tell you what I think. Both recommended and non-recommended groups will go on the list. Non-recommended groups are highlighted in red.

Best Facebook groups for female business owners:

Foot Traffic Community

Foot Traffic by Stacy Tuschl is a Facebook group for business owners focusing on brick and mortar business strategy and getting more customers in the door. They run challenges and host regular lives in the group.

Group Size: 6k

Promo allowed? No.

Podcast: The Foot Traffic Podcast


Freelancing Females

Freelancing Females is definitely one of my favorite business-related Facebook groups. There is so much great advice over there and in terms of Facebook groups, it’s one of the more diverse I’ve been in. Whether you haven’t even started a business yet or you’re a 20-year veteran in your industry, Freelancing Females will probably be helpful for you at some point.

Group Size: 50k

Promo allowed? Specific posts only.



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