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Hey, hardworking online business person! If you’re anything like me, you LOVE doing what you do but you don’t have enough time in your week to get as much work done as you’d like to.

If you’re a parent, a caretaker, or a person with hobbies, you know that having a business can easily eat up all of your time. Aaaand that can obviously lead to family members and friends feeling neglected. It can lead to the state of your home descending into chaos. It can lead to burnout and “I’m so done with this shit” moments.

Working too much can lead to a lot of bad and annoying stuff, in other words. You’ve likely experienced some of these things firsthand.

What’s the magic pill, then? I think it’s creating and selling digital products that help your audience get a specific result.

It’s doing that along with offering your normal services if you still want to do those things. Having a digital product that sells regularly is extremely liberating – it gives to much more time to focus on your life, your family, your hobbies, and your clients. Whatever you want to spend that extra time on.

Think of what your life would look like if you could replace half of your current income with digital product sales each month. Ready to work toward that? I’m doing this now and it’s been so valuable to me since one of my main goals this year is to spend more time with my family.

Adding digital products as a revenue stream in your business can change your life. So without further ado, here are ideas for easy digital products that you can create in a weekend and start selling ASAP.

1.) A spreadsheet

People buy spreadsheets. this might surprise you, but it’s true! Google Sheets, Excel, whatever.

If you can create a spreadsheet that calculates something specific and important, you’re golden. Check out the Etsy Excel spreadsheet section for some ideas. A few of them are a wedding guest list tracker, a mileage tracker, a Poshmark sales tracker, and budget planning spreadsheets.


2.) Social media templates

Social media is something that a lot of business owners get stuck on because they don’t know what to post. A lot of times, they also suck at designing social media posts, so they end up just reposting other peoples’ content. Content curation is not a bad social strategy, but on Instagram, it usually does mean that you should reach out to the original content creator and ask permission to share their post.

Creating a set of cohesive social media templates can solve the content creation problem for your customers. I’ve made several sets of these and I highly recommend trying this out!


3.) Lead magnet templates

If you can design lead magnet templates that are beautiful and functional, you can probably sell a lot of them! Business owners know that email marketing can be a needle-mover and they’re usually willing to pay for something that will provide a return on their investment.

You can design lead magnet templates in InDesign, Canva, Photoshop, Illustrator, or another tool and sell them to business owners looking to grow their email lists.


4.) Printables

Printables can sell like hotcakes if you do them right. That being said, lots of people get free printables from signing up for peoples’ email lists and resource libraries. Make sure you do some market research so that you can be sure you’re creating something valuable and functional enough that people will be satisfied with their purchase.


5.) A mini-course

Got something you want to teach your people but it’s too long for a YouTube video or IGTV episode? Try creating a mini-course. If you’ve ever wanted to dive into course creation, this is an amazing way to get started because it’s so much easier to put together a mini-course with 2-6 videos than it is to create your big-ticket, signature course.

Starting with a mini-course (and being able to finish it up and sell it!) will give you so much confidence when it’s time to move forward and create your bigger course(s).

Your mini-course doesn’t have to have a huge production budget or create a life transformation for your clients. You just have to help them with a small win that they care about. Something like one of these would work:

  • How to make baby food from scratch
  • How to thrift for clothes to sell online for a profit
  • How to create an Instagram puzzle for your feed


6.) Workshop or masterclass

This is usually an in-depth video 45mins-2 hours long that goes into great detail about how to get a specific result for your customer.

  • A photographer might sell a masterclass on how to shoot with natural lighting.
  • A mom blogger might sell a workshop on how new mom bloggers can get started with affiliate marketing
  • Someone who does Pinterest marketing might create and sell a Pinterest ads masterclass

Usually, a workshop-style class is something that doesn’t make sense to put together as a mini-course. Maybe there’s not enough content. Or maybe your audience responds better to the idea of a masterclass than they do to a mini-course.


7.) Swipe file

There are soooo many iterations of this idea that you could take and run with. If you’ve never used a swipe file before, it’s usually a set of pre-written segments of text created for a specific purpose. For example, a customer service email template swipe file would be full of grab-and-go emails that business owners with lots of support emails can use to spend less time in their email inbox.

If you’re a copywriter, a CRM expert, an email marketing guru, or a social media manager, this one would work well for you! Write up Instagram caption templates, email templates, website copy templates, or whatever you feel drawn to create. People buy these all the time! Actually, one of these will probably be one of my very next business-related purchases.


8.) Playbook or roadmap

Show your people exactly how to achieve something that you’ve been able to accomplish. Map out your genius Facebook ad strategy. Create a document that outlines your $0-$2k/month blog income roadmap.

If you’re specific about what your product will help your customers accomplish and you’re able to give tangible examples of the results you’ve been able to get in the past, this will sell and it will help people achieve that result, too.


9.) Short eBook

These days, people appreciate no-fluff. So the fact that your eBook is shorter than a normal book might actually be a good thing. If you can weave together 15-30 pages of high-impact information, you can absolutely market that and sell it.


10.) Workbook

People love step-by-step. Workbooks are sort of a step up from an eBook because they make the buyer take action and write things down. We learn more and take more action when we write things down. You want your customers to get results, so that’s a good thing!

Your workbook can be about anything, but it’s best if you stick with something hyper-relevant to what you do. People will be more likely to buy in that case, because they know you have the experience it takes to create something that will help them.

I once bought a workbook from a designer who outlined her (multi-step) method for attracting clients in her design business. As a new business owner, I got a lot of value from that workbook and I don’t regret the purchase at all! Actually, I need to revisit it soon, because there were a few pages with more advanced topics that I earmarked for future me to implement.


11.) Social media calendar for your industry or niche

I see social media calendars selling like hotcakes right now. There are about a million and a half social media calendars for sale out there. Can you make one that’s industry-specific?

Craft a 90-day social media calendar for home contractors, for example. Maybe spend longer and design a 365-day calendar for cosmetologists or for food bloggers. Whatever it is that you do, help people do that effectively and they will pay you for it.


12.) Ready-to-go social media posts

Some people want plug-and-play. If your audience posts a lot of quotes on social media, you can design premade quote packs that they can buy and pop into their social media scheduler without having to worry about who owns that content. I’m not a huge quote person, but quotes still get a lot of engagement on Instagram and Facebook, so if you think this would be something your followers would be interested in, go for it!


13.) Trello templates

Trello isn’t my choice of project management software, but a lot of business owners swear by it! Can you develop a unique Trello template that will help your followers in some way? Do a search for these online or in Etsy and you’ll find ideas galore. Content calendars, social media trackers, blog planners, weekly action item planners – there are a lot of directions you could go with this.

Create even more value for your customer by recording a quick video that walks them through the template and how to use it – it’s an extra step, but your people will love you even more for it.


Wrapping it all up in a nice little bow

After you’ve got your product created, spend some time polishing it up and making it look nice before you launch.

  • Find 3-10 beta testers who are willing to test it out and give you constructive feedback
  • Create mockups of your product so that it seems more tangible to potential customers
  • Craft a sales page for the product if you have time
  • Design promo graphics to post on social media
  • Do you have anything that you can add to this offer? If you have another, complementary product that you can tack onto this new one, try that out! People love bonuses.


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Easy to make digital product ideas for online business owners that you can create and sell in a weekend

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