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Changing & retraining takes effort

We’re not here to sugarcoat that fact. But we have experienced first-hand time and again that doing the hard work is worth it. If you want to open up to new perspectives, make embracing change a habit, and expand your mind – literally – then EforP is here to guide you.

EforP is a talent management and consulting company that strives for more.

An improved world and a different way of looking at business. We’re not afraid to roll up our sleeves to tackle obstacles – and you shouldn’t be either. Going on this challenging but exciting journey together with us will transform your perspective on change and have a positive impact on your business, life, and the world.

Unlock your brain’s potential to transform your career

We have been taught to believe the way we think and behave is “hard-wired” into our personalities, however modern neuroscience research now knows this to be untrue. Just like every other muscle, the brain can be trained and flexed. And once you understand how you’re programmed, you can we take control and steer it in the way you want!

EforP’s Neuroscience Trainings demonstrate how you can practically apply neuroscience and psychology insights to boost your professional potential as a young talent, HR leader, or executive – or unlock it in others as a coach.

There is no Europe without China and no China without Europe

If you’re a European SME that’s considering expanding to China or the other way around, you might be operating under the misconception that it’s a complex process. It used to be, but not anymore!

Through our consulting work, EforP will give you the right recommendations for your founding and expansion process in Europe or China. With bases both in Berlin and Shanghai, an extensive network in both territories, and 20 years of experience as multipliers, we’re the right partners for every step of the way.

Languages are the key to growth - yours & your brain’s

Learning a language on paper is very different from having to use it in person. That’s why our EforP Communication Services include language workshops and coaching that use real-life settings to help you learn English and Spanish in an interactive, personalized way.

Have important documents that you need professionally translated? Our translation services will get them back to you ready to just hit forward on – no double-checking needed.

A team that embraces change

The consultants on our team are both entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. Each of them has a unique professional, personal, and educational background, and each is uniquely their own person. But one thing unites us: the belief and experience that if you want to change something, you need to get uncomfortable.

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