How to Add Custom Highlight Covers to Your Instagram Profile

Hey lady! Confused about how to get custom IG highlight covers onto your profile?

I don’t blame ya! It’s not the most intuitive thing in the world. Here’s a quick tutorial for how to add custom highlight covers to your profile.

Oh, and I made you a free set of rose copper highlight covers, if you want them! Sign up below to grab the set – there are 50 in total and there are four main categories: Home + Life, Business + Tech, Travel, and Hobbies.


1. Open the app and go to your profile – then tap on the “New” circle with the plus icon on it



2. Select a story that you want to include (You need to have posted at least one IG story on your account for this to work)


3. Tap “Edit Cover”

How to name your instagram highlight cover



4. Select the photo icon below the big circle that pops up


5. Choose a highlight cover and position it the way you’d like it to appear. Tap “Done” when you’re finished.


6. Name the highlight cover – and you’re all finished!


More about Instagram highlight covers

A few quick things to note about highlight covers and how they work!

You can get super creative with them.

If you’re not using my free set, you can create your own highlight covers using a tool like Canva, Illustrator, Over, or Photoshop. Grab some icons from Creative Market (paid) or The Noun Project (free) and get to work! If you’re using Canva or Over, you won’t be able to recolor these icons, but you can use icons inside of Canva or Over and apply your brand colors.

There are a few different types of highlight covers

  • Some accounts just use a single, solid color for their highlight covers! Very on-brand if you are into minimalism at all.
  • You can use highlight covers with a text overlay, removing the need for you to label each of your covers
  • You could also use your highlight covers as a way to display your brand’s color palette – this is a simple and easy way to brand your Instagram profile

Some rules about how they work

  • Your IG story has to be live for 24 hours before you can use it in a highlight. So, you can’t upload it to your stories, delete it, and then add it to a highlight.
  • You can usually fit 5 highlight covers in the viewable area of your profile. You can definitely add more, but users will have to scroll to see those.

How you can use Instagram highlights to be of even more use to your audience

Instagram stories are only live for 24 hours, so highlights are a great way to get more eyes on some of your best and most helpful IG story content. Go ahead and add a highlight cover for each of your business’s main areas of expertise and add your best IG stories that fall under each of those categories to the highlights!

When a new potential follower comes to your profile and taps on one of those highlights, they’re a lot more likely to follow you if you’ve compiled your most helpful tips and tricks into those highlights.

Instagram stories can be an effective way to give value (think mini trainings and sharing small but effective tips) that your audience can benefit from. and Instagram highlights are a great way to… well… highlight that value!


Thanks for reading! Questions about highlight covers or how they work? Drop ’em below and I’ll get back to you!

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