12 Creative Female Photographers on Unsplash (Free Stock Photos)

I love Unsplash for free stock photos. I use them on more than one of my websites and I’m so thankful to the photographers who donate photos to the platform. Unsplash is kind of a win-win, because the photographers get a profile page where they can link to their own website + socials and it acts as a portfolio of sorts. So cool.

Free stock photos are so valuable to a brand-new business because you can create graphics with them that align with your target audience right out of the gate. Branded photoshoots, while super valuable, are not necessarily budget-friendly for new entrepreneurs. Finding the perfect collection of free, high-quality stock photos for your business will be so helpful to you.

A list of the best unsplash photographers to get free, feminine stock photos

Here are some of my favorite female Unsplash contributors! All of these ladies take beautiful photos that are p.e.r.f.e.c.t. for you if you’re a creative entrepreneur who isn’t quite ready to invest in custom photography yet. I love more minimalistic but lightly feminine images when I’m looking for stock photos, so that’s what I’m featuring here!

1 | Kari Shea

Kari has several clean, minimalistic laptop images, lots of styled home interiors, and some pretty greenery pictures (succulents and other inside plants).

Laptop stock photo by kari shea

Kari Shea


2 | Brooke Cagle

Lots of fashion/lifestyle images of female subjects as well as some great latte art and a few images of women using laptops and tablets.

Feminine stock photo by brooke cagle

Brooke Cagle


3 |  Becca Tapert

Simple home interiors and solo female travel.

Home interiors stock photo by becca tapert

Becca Tapert


4 | Sarah Dorweiler

Light, bright, airy, and minimalistic home interior photos.

Photo taken by sara dorweiler from unsplash

Sarah Dorweiler


5 | Devon Divine

Wedding, maternity, travel, and family-themed photos. All super beautiful. She’s got several nice latte photos in here, too. Who doesn’t love a pretty latte art?

Free, wedding related stock photo by devon devine

Devon Divine

6 | Nicole Honeywill

Another great one for wedding and party-related photos. She’s also got a lot of pictures of beautifully styled home interiors, some light and airy laptop images, some beauty/makeup-related imagery, and quite a few bed/lounge photos.

Feminine stock photo by nicole honeywill

Nicole Honeywill



7 | Camylla Battani

Travel, dogs, and beautiful home interiors.

Minimal kitchen photo by camilla battani

Camylla Battani

8 | Annie Spratt

Nature, family, travel, and the outdoors. She has soooo many photos to sift through.

Floral photo by annie spratt

Annie Spratt


9 | Monika Grabkowska

Breathtaking food styling and photography.

Breakfast flatlay by monika grabkowska

Monika Grabkowska


10 | Joanna Kosinska

Food, nature, and Christmas.

Mug off coffee sitting on a while table

Joanna Kosinska


11 | Gaelle Marcel

Food, plants, people, and coffee.

Fall-themed stock photo by gaelle marcel

Gaelle Marcel


12 | Emma Matthews

Girly, ultra-feminine, styled flatlay images.

Girly stock photo by emma matthews

Emma Matthews


So, there ya go! A bunch of super-talented stock photographers who allow use of their images for free. Sometimes, stock images on Unsplash get overused. (Who doesn’t love a free stock photo?!) But do some digging and you can uncover hidden gems that fit your brand’s unique style. Do you use Unsplash when you need a stock photo for your business? If not, where do you like to look? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

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Ciara Guerrero

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  1. I love using unsplash, I found a hidden gem because I use stock photos for baking- Deva Williamson, you should check out her unsplash photos if you are in to bakingor pretty dessert.

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