Book More Calls From Your Website: 3 Ways You’re Losing Customers

Service-based business owner with a website that’s not doing much for you? I hear ya. It sucks.

You spent a million and a half hours building your website, searching for the perfect theme, and trying to figure out what the actual hell to put on your “About” page. It’s not easy stuff by any stretch of the imagination.

But if you KNOW you’re getting potential customers to look at your site and you aren’t getting any calls booked, something is going on. These are three of the most common reasons that a website doesn’t convert leads into calls or inquiries.


Your CTA isn’t well-defined (People are confused because there are too many “places to go” on your site)

When you’re starting out in business, try not to spread yourself too thin. It’s important to set goals that directly influence your revenue because you want to be able to stay in business!

Your website should help you achieve those goals.

Relevant: If your website homepage is your blog archive page, that’s a problem if you’re trying to book calls or make sales. Switch your homepage to a static page ASAP so that you have more control of the design and content. Put your blog on a “Blog” page.

So, here’s the big-picture question: What action do you want your users to take when they go to your website? This is the most important question for small business owners to answer while building a website or having one built for them. The answer to this question should be your site’s primary CTA, or “call to action.”

  • Do you want to book more calls from your website?
  • A form filled out?
  • Do you need people to sign up for your email list?
  • Want them to follow you on a social media platform that you’re doing particularly well on?

If you’re not sure what your CTA should be, what action will help your business’s bottom line the most? That should be the thing you gently redirect your website visitors to multiple times throughout your website. People are more likely to take an action if they’re asked to. For a lot of us, this goal is to book more calls from our websites.

And most of us are scanning the text on the website, not reading every word. So even though you feel like you’re repeating yourself over and over, it’s not going to come across that way to most of your website visitors.

So, pick ONE call to action to focus on. (Ex.  to book more calls from your website) Then, design your site with that CTA in mind: Ask your visitors to do that thing. Ask them to book a call with you.

  • Add it to your homepage at least once, but more than once if possible.
  • Add the CTA to your About page, if you have one.
  • Put it on your Contact page.
  • Look for blog articles on your site that make sense to add it to.
  • If you have an announcement bar on your homepage/website, consider adding it there.
  • Mention it in your email campaigns.
  • Mention it on social media (All of your social posts should have some kind of CTA, too!)


You have an overwhelming number of menu options on your website

As far as a menu goes (especially the top menu) simpler is usually better.

So if you’ve got a big menu with submenus galore, try paring it down because it’s scaring away your site visitors. Think about your CTA and which pages are most likely to get your audience to take that action. Usually, a structure like this works pretty well:

  • Home
  • Work With Me/Shop (Link to the subpages for different services or product categories here rather than linking them all in your main menu)
  • About
  • Contact
  • (Maybe) Your current offer/event/sale
  • (Maybe) Resources page
  • (Maybe) Blog

The fewer of the above you can get away with, the better. Reduce the chance of visitors getting confused and overwhelmed by slimming down your main menu as much as possible.

Remember that most WordPress themes can have a secondary menu (Usually near or inside your site’s footer) that can link to other required pages on your site (Your legal pages, for example. Heck, you can even throw your “Contact” page down there if you don’t use that for much.)

Lots of people will omit “Home” from their menu and simply have their website logo linked back to their homepage. There are mixed thoughts on this idea, though – it looks like most average website users still don’t think to use the site logo to get back to the homepage, so my recommendation would be to keep it linked in your main menu for now.

Ready to make sure your site is optimized for users, speed, and security? Download the free website optimization checklist and get your site on point ASAP.


Book more calls from your website by reworking your website copy (make sure it’s written with a strategy in mind)

You might be a copywriter. In that case, woooohoo, you’re done! The last thing you need is a non-copywriter to tell you about the importance of great web copy.

But for allllllll the rest of us, this is a big one. Bigger than you might think. If you want to book more calls from your website, this is a big part of it.

I’m a web designer, so you might think that I’m here to tell you that all you need for your website to perform well is a nice design and maybe a little strategy. Well… I won’t tell you that. Womp, womp. It’s not true.

When it comes to booking calls and making sales, great copy is a seriously heavy lifter. Copy and great design hand-in-hand? Killer. Add some strategy to that? You’re on fire.

But to get crazy amazing results, you need to write your web copy with purpose and strategy.

There’s a LOT to say about this (And honestly, I should leave it to the experts, so I’ll link some of them below!) but at the end of the day, you can’t please everyone – so don’t try to. Your web copy should be speaking directly to the people you want to work with.


So, what does writing for your intended audience actually look like?

If you’ve niched down far enough, tell everyone who you work with. Are you a web designer for the fashion industry? Say that! Then use lingo and jargon that people in that industry actually use. They’ll be able to tell right away that you know what you’re talking about.

Not a super-niched business? No problem. What type of person do you work best with? Professional and buttoned-up? Write like that. Is your audience more casual? Do they use slang words? Write more like that. But make sure it’s you – people can tell when you’re faking it.

When it’s clear that you’re catering to a specific industry or a specific type of person, those people will remember you. Above everything else, your website copy should make clear what results that your product/service will achieve and for who.

My top recommendation for this, if you’re not a copywriter, is to hire one to write your website copy.

If that’s out of the question – no worries, because there are a few more options on the table. Any of these things can help you drastically improve your website words:

  • Hire a copywriter for a web copy review (They’ll give you suggestions of where to improve your copy and why.)
  • Hire a copywriter to write just one page of your website instead of the whole thing
  • Buy website copy templates from a copywriter whose style you like/suits your brand and DIY the copy using those templates
  • Read blog posts by copywriters you like to refine your copywriting skills. Once you feel like you’ve gathered enough new intel, DIY your website copy with your mad skills

Copywriters to follow for copywriting tips:

Bonus thing I found: A free course on conversion copywriting from CopyHackers (Which is exactly what we’re talking about here, by the way!)

This is the end!

There are more ways to book more calls from your website, but these three things are the first things I’d look at if I were doing a web strategy audit on your site. More often than not, your message is getting lost because your copy is unclear, your menu is too crazy, or you aren’t telling people what you want them to do.

If you fix these things, I bet you’ll see a huge difference in the number of calls booked from your website. (Or email signups or product sales, or whatever you’re trying to accomplish here.) Go fix your stuff and go get those calls!


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How to book more calls from your website - 3 mistakes business owners make that cause them to lose customers

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