5 Non-Spammy Ways to Get People to Click Your Links More Often

Having strategic calls to action on your website is very obviously super important to your bottom line. Duh, right?

So today I want to sit down and chat with you about how to get people to click your links more often! We’ll make this kind of a quick one so that you’re not reading for years about links and CTAs.


Quick list of ways to get more clicks on your website links


1.) Make sure your links and buttons have a contrasting color or that they’re underlined

Or maybe both! Links that stand out more get clicked more. (It’s been studied!) So if you have important links on buttons, use your brand’s most bright/contrasting color on that button. Make it as obvious as possible that they should click on it and they’ll be more likely to click.


2.) Start tracking where people are clicking on your site. It’s hard to fix something without the data!

Sign up for a service like HotJar to see heatmaps of your major website page. It’ll show you where people are clicking on your site and this is SO HELPFUL for figuring out what’s working and what needs to be improved. There’s so much you can do with this data beyond improving your button and link conversions, too.


3.) Try A/B testing your link/button copy

You can use HotJar to test out two different versions of your link text and see which one gets the most clicks. If your button is an email newsletter signup, then you can easily track this inside your email marketing tool and you might not have to use HotJar.

Test out a few different versions of your text: Maybe something super vanilla, like “Click here to get XYZ thing” as well as a few spicier ones, like “Yes, send me this checklist!” or “I want to know your secrets” or “I want in!” Sometimes the copy that converts the best is surprising.


4.) Make sure you’re being strategic with your calls to action (Don’t add too many of them)

One of the most common mistakes I see on small business websites and blogs is that there are too many links and buttons. You’re asking too much of your users and they’re getting overwhelmed and hitting that “X” button.

As a general rule, try not to have more than three CTAs (calls to action) on any website page. If you can stick to one or two, that’s even better. But when you ask them to sign up for your newsletter, contact you, read your blog, leave a comment, follow you on social media, and join your Facebook group, you can bet that people feel overwhelmed by your website.


5.) Make your links more compelling (Give them a real reason to click)

For the most part, people won’t sign up for a newsletter just to “sign up for the newsletter.” They want to get something out of signing up, so let them know what value to expect.

If the link is an affiliate link, pre-sell that link rather than just dropping a link and running.

If you’re dropping a link to your free online course, let them know what benefits they’ll get from completing it. Try not to talk about features here: they don’t care how many modules are in there! They want to know what actionable progress they’re going to make in the course and what they can expect to get from it.

For a link to a contact page/inquiry form, try adding some copy before it that talks about who is and isn’t a good fit for working with you. You need to attract the right clients here and repel the ones who aren’t a great fit. You want them to be nodding their head and committed to taking the next step when they click on that link.


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Quick list of ways to get more clicks on your website links

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