17 Industry Leaders to Follow as a Creative Business Owner

You’ve recently started an online business and you’re DIY-ing alllllll the things. You’ve realized that you’ve just taken on about 18,000 positions. Suddenly, you need major help in 18,000 different areas, but you may not have the budget to outsource it all.

This is a list of some of the most helpful content creators who develop some seriously valuable stuff for any new-ish online business owners in that boat. Hope you find someone here who helps you move the needle in your business!


17 creative business owners to follow for actionable ways to scale your business



1.) Ashlyn Carter | Copywriter for Creatives

Ashlyn is a wildly talented word wizard who helps creative business owners stand out online by identifying their brand voice and writing copy that connects and converts. She’s worked with some of the biggest names in the creative industry and her done-for-you services are fairly high-ticket but she also gives hoards of value for us smaller business folk.

She’s one of my favs when it comes to copywriting because she gives so many ways to write copy that actually feels good vs. sounding spammy/salesy/not you. She’s got tons of freebies, dozens of blog posts, and her YouTube channel is binge-able as they come. If you love her as much as I do, take a look at the copywriting + launch courses she offers (they’re gold.)

Links to the goods:


2.) Saffron Avenue | Brand + ShowIt Website Designer

Angela is a design mastermind, people. If you’re interested in graphic or web design, go take a look at her blog posts – she’s got a ton of helpful videos and interesting reads on her site. She offers done for you services, premade brand kits, ShowIt website themes, and an array of smaller-ticket items (like a DIY product/service launch plan kit that looks incredible.)

Whether or not you use ShowIt on your site, you’ll pick up some gems on this blog. (I don’t use ShowIt and I’m on her site a couple of times per month!)

Links to the goods:


3.) Vanessa Kynes | Pinterest Marketing Expert

Vanessa has been creating (amazingly high-quality) content around Pinterest marketing for a few years right now and it’s clear she really knows her stuff. She’s one of my go-to’s for Pinterest marketing information. Not only does she consistently publish in-depth tutorials and lists about current Pinterest marketing strategy, but she also creates video tutorials as well over on YouTube.

Links to the goods:


4.) Vanessa Ryan | Lead Magnet Expert

The second Vanessa on this list is the lovely Vanessa Ryan, who helps business owners craft high-converting lead magnets for their sales funnel or email list. She sells easy-to-use lead magnet and digital product templates for creatives and I’ve seen her talk in about 100,000 online summits about how to create a lead magnet that’s stunning and grows your bottom line in your business.

If you’re thinking about getting into email marketing or building a sales funnel soon, definitely take a look at her website, her template shop, and get on her email list (Her lead magnet is a free lead magnet template, by the way!)

Links to the goods:


5.) Pinegate Rd. | Creative Agency (Brand + Web Design)

Out of alllll the stunning websites the ladies on this list have, the Pinegate Rd. site has to be in the running for the prettiest site I’ve ever seen. I am not joking – you have to check it out, especially if you’re looking for web design inspo.

Pinegate Rd. does creative work for high-level business owners but they also drop a ton of great knowledge for business owners who are getting started or haven’t quite got the $$$$$ to work with them. They have blog posts about business strategy, running a design/creative business, and lots more. They’ve also got a business podcast for creatives that you’ll love if you’re in a beginning/growth stage of your business.

Links to the goods:

6.) The Social Bungalow | Instagram Marketing Queen

Shannon from The Social Bungalow is one of the most helpful social media marketers out there. The amount of free information she gives out… I can’t even, you guys. Go take a look at her blog and if you like what you see, join her Facebook group (it’s one of the best I’ve ever been in.)

Links to the goods:


7.) Jess Jordana | Copywriter for Online Business Owners

Jess is a high school teacher-turned-copywriter who is super skilled at helping you write with personality and story to transform your website and social media copy. She does 1 on 1 work, yes, but she also offers her own version of a website copy template, called a “Promptlate.” You can buy one Promptlate page, for example, an “About page” Promptlate. There’s also the option of booking her for a website copy audit, where she’ll comb through your website words and give suggestions for how to improve it.

Her blog is full of actionable and approachable copywriting tips, too, if you’re down to DIY.

Links to the goods:


8.) Elise Darma | Instagram Stories Guru

Elise is a master of IG stories, which is great because I’m totally not. ? I found her… on Instagram (who would have guessed.) If you’re exploring Instagram stories for your business, you should take a second to check her out. Aside from her Instagram profile and stories, her YouTube channel is such a valuable resource for anyone who is looking into how to make Instagram stories easy, relevant, and effective (specifically for businesses.) If you love her stuff, she’s also got a few offers/programs that you can buy to uplevel your IG stories that much more.

Links to the goods:


9.) The Halcyon Hive | Pinterest Marketing Expert

The Halcyon Hive is run by Cali, who is really into all things Pinterest marketing (and she’s great at the stuff, too.) As of writing this blog post in March 2020, her site is being worked on, but I’ll link it here because I know it’s going to be bomb. In the meantime, check out what she’s doing over on her social media profiles. She does a lot of mini Pinterest trainings over in Instagram stories.


10.) Spruce Rd. | Brand + Graphic Design Expert

Spruce Rd. is run by Jamie, who builds stunningly beautiful brands and also teaches other designers how to do the same and how to run their design businesses more effectively. Her blog is full of great info for upcoming graphic and brand designers (I’ve gotten tons of takeaways as someone who only does web design, by the way.) She’s also got a pretty kickass free training on how to create a “zero-revision presentation” method for your design business… love that!

Links to the goods:


11.) Kate Doster | Email Marketing + Copywriting Queen

The final copywriter on this list (she specializes in email marketing and list building, by the way), Kate is one of my favorite people on the internet and I’ve never met her, video chatted with her, or even emailed her.

What? Yeah. Honestly, I think it’s because of the way she writes. It’s refreshingly conversational and so, so easy to read and relate to. She drops SOLID copywriting tips in her emails, on her blog, in her podcast, and in her courses and mini-courses.

There is not a single piece of content on her site or in her courses that isn’t helpful and actionable, and that’s what I love about her. She’s very low-fluff when it comes to teaching her craft and I respect and adore the hell out of that.

Links to the goods:


12.) Amy Northard | CPA for Creatives

Amy runs a virtual CPA firm for creative business owners and she’s absolutely adding so much value to the creative community. If you need to DIY your bookkeeping, taxes, and accounting for your business take a look at her content. She’s got a blog as well as a course called “Be Your Own CFO.”

Links to the goods:


13.) Complianceology | Compliance Expert for Freelancers

Montanna over at Complianceology is really into making sure your business is legally compliant. If you have questions about business banking, contracts, your website privacy policy, or how to disclose affiliate links properly, you need her in your life. Her blog is full of compliance tips for freelancer and small business owners and she does not hold back on the value. She’s also got a shop full of reasonably-priced legal and business document templates for your business. Amazing

Links to the goods:


14.) The Support Squad | Virtual Assistant Mentor

Sharon at The Support Squad has a ton of information out there for new and upcoming virtual assistants. Being a VA is a lot of the times the first step into working virtually for many of us (me included) so it’s great that people are out there talking about how to become a virtual assistant and how to do it well. Check it out!

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15.) The Content Hacker

As online business owners, most of us are content marketers. And if you’re utilizing blogging as a tool to grow your business, you want to make sure you’re doing it effectively. I mean, goes without saying right?

Well not really – you’d be surprised at how many online business owners are blogging for the sake of blogging. And to be honest, that’s not likely to bring them any type of tangible results. You need to have a few things in place before you see results from your blogging efforts:

  • A content strategy
  • Understanding + implementation of SEO
  • A marketing strategy for your content

Julie at the Content Hacker can help you with all of this. Whether you buy a course from her or you’re looking to glean info from her blog, you’re going to get tons of value.

Links to the goods:


16.) Fuzzy and Birch | 6-Figure Etsy Shop Strategist

Jenni at Fuzzy and Birch is your go-to girl if you want to launch and grow an Etsy shop or to take your current Etsy shop and make it a million times better. She’s got a ton of free content to help you start improving your Etsy shop ASAP as well as a few offers you can take her up on. She’s all about helping your scale your Etsy business without sacrificing family time + working your life away.

Links to the goods:


17.) Julie Stoian | Sales Funnel + Digital Marketing Expert

Julie helps online business owners create profitable sales funnels that can reach far more people than offering one-on-one services can. If you’re new to sales funnels, they can be set up in a number of ways, but Julie teaches the way that’s worked for her the best. She’s really into teaching people to “live the laptop lifestyle” without any spammy Pammy bro-style marketing. You can work with her in a number of capacities depending on your budget, but she’s also got so, so much free info through her blog and podcast.

Links to the goods:


So, that’s the list! I wanted to keep going but I also wanted to eventually hit “publish” on this post… haha. Do you know of someone who should be on it? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments – make sure to link me to their blog, if they have one. 🙂

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17 creative business owners to follow that will help you move the needle in your own business

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